As a fantasy and sci-fi author, I have quite a few ideas floating around in my head at any given time. There only two projects, however, that I’m working on with any sort of regularity, those being The Wild Core Chronicle and Tales of Aurelia (the second of which is a temporary name).

Tales, the project that is in its vital planning stages, is a fantasy story based in the lore I developed around the playground games my playmates and I indulged in in third and fourth grade. Obviously, it’s evolved a lot over the years, taking on a new shape and new depth as my ideas and I have both matured. It features of an ensemble cast of creatures mythical and mundane and spans a period of over one thousand years.

It will be some time before I’m ready to talk more about this particular project, which obviously has a lot of kinks that I need to work out of it. The mind of a child is wondrous for its unrestrained creativity, but doesn’t have the critical eye of an author or editor. I hope to keep that wonder, but forge this story into something mature that people can read and enjoy.

The second project, the first book of which I hope will see release by the start of 2018, is The Wild Core Chronicle, a space fantasy story that spans years and focuses on the struggles of a group of heroes in their attempts to preserve galactic peace. Just from that description I realize that it probably sounds a lot like Star Wars, but while Wild Core has some things in common with the space fantasy genre giant, it’s also very much its own kind of story.

Much like Tales, it features an ensemble cast, though this time the cast consists mostly of aliens. Most prominent among my cast are the point of view characters for which the books are named —

“Prince” Cassus Jaaycen, a young human nobleman,  “Assassin” Xeulo Zhur, whose title is an adjective as much as it is a noun, and “Fugitive” Virsune, whose background is spoilerific and covered largely in Fugitive Rising, the first novel.

The story itself is not far in the past but in the distant future, and takes place in a Galaxy that is not as familiar to us as we sometimes might like to think. Like anything I write, the focus is on its characters, and my goal is for the point of view character’s distinct narratives to be relatable to the various people who might read the story.

It will take me many years to finish Wild Core, but I believe it’s an effort well worth it, and I hope that you think so, too.