Cast of Characters

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Virsune; Asyr of the Order of the Garnet Star

Formerly a prisoner of Jaycicar, Virsune became a member of the Order through circumstance and has since become a cornerstone of the organization due to his unique Union heritage and understanding of Galactic politics. The protagonist of the Fugitive novels and of Wild Core as a whole, he often solves political conundrums and prevents catastrophe using his unique diplomatic and scholarly skills. Known by all who have met him as a compassionate and just man with a gentle heart, Virsune will stop at nothing to ensure that the future of the people of the Galaxy is a peaceful one.

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Cassus Jaaycen; Autarch of Jaycicar

The heir to the throne of Jaycicar, the relatively young Human Colony, he is known for his kindness, but lives underneath the long shadow of his grandfather, the Mad King. The point of view character of the Prince books, Jaayce often struggles against incredible odds to change the perceptions the Galaxy has of both Humans and himself, often while trying to solve a seemingly impossible political dilemma. In spite of any successes or failures he may have, Jaayce remains hopeful and always strives to see the good in people that he wishes others would see in him.

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Xeulo Zhur; Operative of the Union Intelligence Agency

The Union’s premiere spy and assassin, known among the Sector’s elite for his ruthless efficiency and cold personality. Xeulo is the point of view character for the Assassin books,  where he attempts to solve mysteries and uncover conspiracies, sometimes willingly, sometimes unwillingly. Motivated by curiosity and the spirit of the late Magus Satchi Harlle, Xeulo may not always understand the “right thing”, but he does understand the thing that makes the most logical sense, and will pursue it relentlessly.