The moment they walked into the small, windowless room, the man sitting on the lone bed put his datapad aside, demurely crossed one leg over the other, and arranged his hands carefully in his lap. It was quite the image, a large red man on a small bed. He looked for all the world like he was about to share a polite drink with his visitors in spite of the silver shackle secured around his ankle.

What is Wild Core?

In its simplest terms, The Wild Core Chronicle is a Space Fantasy Epic that explores the political struggle between two different Galactic Superpowers, the Zyloni Empire and the Union of Ryll. It’s filled with assassination attempts, intrigue, chases through busy markets, kidnappings, and mysteries.

It has the pacing of a modern Fantasy novel with the setting of a Space Opera, and stars a colorful cast of aliens (and some humans) as they struggle to return the Galaxy they live in to its natural state.

On a deeper level, Wild Core is about people.

The plot is a conduit to showcase the struggles and growth of a variety of people in different situations. I’ve always believed that the reason fiction has such a staying power is because it connects to us on a “human” level, and that it does that through its characters.

This is what my story is really about, displaying these characters as people so that my audience is able to connect to a few of them. I’m proud to say that so far, based on the feedback I’ve gotten from others, I’ve succeeded.

I hope that you think so, too.

Please feel free to browse this site and read through any of the posts you see here, and never be afraid to comment or contact me. I love answering questions about my work and getting to know people better.