July Goals: Conclusion & August Goals

Well, in summary, I did nothing that I wanted to do, but did a lot of other things that I didn’t plan to do.

I got a lot farther in this guy’s story so I’m at least one character closer to LEGENDARY.

I’d said I’d wanted to 100% Virsune, which I absolutely didn’t do. Instead, I started him over completely from scratch and have done pretty much nothing on him since then because my life has been consumed with job-searching and fanfiction writing. I dedicated a lot of my time to Lego Star Wars, the Complete Collection, which I had picked up for cheap on May 5th, and did a lot of note taking for an ambitious little project that happens to be a novelization of my favorite Star Wars video game.

You can find a link to that here.

I did get a lot of work done on Wild Core, though! Not in the way I wanted, maybe, but it got done. I hashed out a major plot detail that had been inhibiting me from writing book two, and figured out the formula I’m going to use to finish the rest of the novels. I also hashed out my problems with the third point of view character, which means I’m going to need to create a new character tile for the new pov character, Ly’Roh, and update this site accordingly.

I also have a new person working on giving me feedback, and they’re excellent at it! I’ve been implementing a lot of changes to Draft One of Fugitive Rising recently, and it’s starting to shape up enough that I think I might actually meet my January deadline for release.

With that in mind, my August Goals include the very modest goal of getting to Legendary Status in SWTOR, finishing Part One of the KOTOR Novelization and beginning work on Part Two, publishing the first chapter of my Bi-Weekly Star Wars AU fanfiction, getting a bit of work done on Novel 2, and polishing up Fugitive Rising.

This means that I really need to start thinking about cover art. I know a few of you out there have had to draw cover art for your works before, so if you have any suggestions on how to do it effectively, it would be appreciated.

Here’s to hoping I can get back into the swing of things.


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