Goals for July: Camp NaNo and The Inquisition

I type this while sitting in a Starbucks after another unintentional hiatus from blogging. I’ve never had a summer so busy in my life, but that’s probably because I never really had friends before this, not like I do now. It’s really interesting to have experiences like something out of a novel, in some ways, things that I always thought felt like fiction because I’ve never experienced them.

I certainly never thought I would be sitting in a coffee shop typing a blog post about my writing (and gaming) goals for the month of July.

A handsome jerk.

My gaming goals for this month consist of achieving 100% completion of Dragon Age: Inquisition on dear Virsune’s file and achieving legendary status  in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If I have time, which I might not because this month is the second Camp NaNoWriMo, I’d also like to finish the main campaign for my replay of the Jedi Consular story as Virsune.

It’s not super ambitious mostly because I’m trying to set time aside for Wild Core this month. June has been so hectic that I didn’t get everything I wanted done, what with flying across the country and meeting friends in real life for the first time (events which are mutually exclusive). I’ve done a lot of thinking about Wild Core, but my writing has kind of fallen to the wayside, something that I deeply regret.

As for my writing, goals, well-

Art courtesy of krem-de-le-creme of tumblr.com

What I’d really like to do is start seriously editing novel one of the Wild Core (which I nearly have notes one back from one of my Alpha Readers), which now has title: Fugitive Rising. While I do that, I have plans to continue writing novel two, which I am about 20,000 words into at this point — like I’ve said, it’s been a slow writing month.

I have a few fanfiction projects sitting on the side as well that I’d like to dedicate a little time to, though it will mostly be outlining rather than writing. The majority of my other writing will be on this blog, dedicated to status updates and discussions about my interest in Star Wars and the Inquisition, and, of course, because it’s another marathon writing month, plenty of stuff about Wild Core.

Here’s to a productive month!


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