Starting Novel Number Two: Reflections

I technically started this novel a week ago, though I took a brief three day vacation last week in order to give myself the time to really process what needed to happen in this book. Already, I’ve realized just how much that really is, and am grateful for the groundwork I laid in the last novel, as I’m starting to realize I’m writing one of those series that really cannot be read starting on the second book.

New in this novel are several characters, most of which will be reoccurring members of the greater cast for Wild Core. These include Lady Regent Coritha, Casus Jaycen’s step mother, and Asyr Revasi, as well as a few key characters from the Union side that will cameo in this novel but feature more heavily in Xeulo’s narrative. Additionally, I also have to start to sculpt what the Spark is and is not capable of, and really begin to outline the true value of the work that the Order of the Garnet Star preforms.

LOVA’s mask is meant to look something like a wolf as he was known as the Wolf of Korriban in his original Star Wars: The Old Republic iteration.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is beginning the groundwork for LOVA, who is a main concept running throughout most of the series. LOVA is a symbol to the downtrodden of the Galaxy as much as he is a character in his own right, and he played an important role in the life of one of the major characters of this novel, who uses him as her inspiration in everything that she does.

Much like Mr. Big Deal, Virsune’s ancestor, LOVA remains one of the most important characters throughout the story simply because of what he comes to represent to the characters. LOVA is freedom to the slaves of the story, and he is rebellion and the will to fight back for the down-trodden. As much as Satchi Harlle has left his mark on Galactic politics through peaceful negotiation with political allies and unification against a common enemy, LOVA has left his mark on the Galaxy through armed resistance and willful disobedience. Many of the characters have a personal connection to LOVA, especially characters who are from the Union, though LOVA’s reach through the galaxy was widespread.

In many ways, he and Satchi are thematic opposites, and my goal with both of them is to make sure that neither one’s approach is diminished as lesser. Both organized political movements for the disadvantaged are needed, as well as loud-voiced and proud proponents of organized resistance. Because concepts of justice and mercy are so important to my world and its politics, it felt right to have characters that embody both the gentler and more violent aspects of progress in a world that focuses on what the “right thing” is.

Who LOVA is is often not as important as what LOVA stood for, as is the case with his counterpart, Satchi Harlle.

In other, but somewhat related news, this year I’ve decided to participate in the Newbie Blogger Initiative as a newbie blogger. You can expect to see more on this blog when I know more about the events and what’s happening, but for now, have the initiative’s graphic.


Let it be known that I do plan on making my posts fairly regular, and as this blog is just as much gaming blog as it is writing blog, this feels like the perfect chance to make new friends and reach out to a larger community.


5 thoughts on “Starting Novel Number Two: Reflections

    1. I’ve been working on Wild Core itself as a concept since about November of last year. That’s when the characters first started popping up and the concepts started developing. I only started writing it at the beginning of April, though, and finished it about half way through May.

      Thanks for the welcome. I’m glad to be a part of the group.

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